Geneen Roth Winds Up Next to Former First Lady Laura Bush

I’m working my way through Women, Food & God by Geneen Roth. Geneen has written a best-seller in my opinion. Her knowledge, experience and wisdom of what drives us to eat is exceptional. Her insights and stories are humorous and challenging.

Women Food God Geneen RothAs I was walking thorough the Detroit airport the other day, I saw this book stand facing the concourse. I loved the fact that Geneen’s book is sitting right next to Laura Bush’s. GeneenĀ  deserves a best-seller, not only because what she has to offer is so valuable and needed by so many, but she is also on the rebound from being victimized by the Bernie Madoff scam.

A day after returning to California, I was in Borders Books in San Ramon and there, too, Women, Food, & God is sitting next to Laura Bush. I guess it may be part of the marketing plan. I notice that these two books are also at eye-level – giving them even greater exposure to passing eyes.

Being the number one recommend book in Oprah’s newsletter a couple of months ago, probably helped to propel Women, Food and God into the stratosphere as well.

I am on a wellness journey myself and have started a blog AgeLESSing – Anti-Aging to serve as my accountability partner. So far, I’m down 12 pounds and three belt notches. Instead of dieting, I am changing my lifestyle – focusing more on health & wellness.

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