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Magic that Liberates

The Miraculous: more magical than Harry Potter Human beings seem to have a love and fascination for the magical and miraculous. Look at how many books, TV shows and films have themes of magic and miracles: from Harry Potter to Merlin to Gandalf to Dr. Strange; from Excalibur and Bewitched  to Jumanji and Hocus Pocus….

Enlightenment – Safety NOT Guaranteed


Realization – What are the risks? What brings people to the path? For most, it’s suffering and a desire to end the suffering, but that desire is at the root of the suffering. How can one end suffering by suffering.? I suppose the answer to that is enlightenment, but if the suffering ceases, then obviously…

Bulletproof Realization

Self-Realization – Beyond Concepts, Beliefs, Attitudes & Attacks I got on the spiritual path at age 19. The experience that precipitated my interest in spiritual development, self-realization, God-realization, enlightenment and such was, at that time, just mind boggling. Today, I realize that the experience involved a descent of essence into my consciousness and body, and…