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Death Wish: A Meditation Dream

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Go ahead, make my day… The gun didn’t scare me, nor did the guy holding it that was going to kill me. In fact, I was intrigued, curious to the nth degree – what would death be like? What would I experience? Would I experience? Who would experience, if there was experience? If there was…

Enlightenment – Safety NOT Guaranteed


Realization – What are the risks? What brings people to the path? For most, it’s suffering and a desire to end the suffering, but that desire is at the root of the suffering. How can one end suffering by suffering.? I suppose the answer to that is enlightenment, but if the suffering ceases, then obviously…

Mind Tripping in the Mental Maze

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Adventures in neuroscience mental coding – mindfulness In my last post, I gave a very brief introduction to our mind’s use of object relations as a way of storing and processing information. The mind is very useful, but as they say – the mind is a good servant, but a lousy master. The mind is…