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Magic that Liberates

The Miraculous: more magical than Harry Potter Human beings seem to have a love and fascination for the magical and miraculous. Look at how many books, TV shows and films have themes of magic and miracles: from Harry Potter to Merlin to Gandalf to Dr. Strange; from Excalibur and Bewitched  to Jumanji and Hocus Pocus….

The New Spiritual Path for the Age

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Neuroscience Will be the Basis for the Next Spiritual Path My interest in the interface between neuroscience and consciousness continues – as does my reading of The Ego Tunnel. My meditations are taking an interesting turn as well under the influence of this interest. My 27-year interest in the Diamond Approach is fueled, in part,…

Jessica Britt – The Great Alchemy

From New York to True Nature Ian McKay interviews Jessica Britt, a Diamond Approach teacher, about her spiritual journey. Jessica has been a teacher of mine for over 20 years. In addition to teaching the Diamond Approach, Jessica works with the Medicine Wheel .