Penis-envy-bigIs a Big Penis Really Necessary?

Aggression, fast sleek cars, machismo, steely eyes – 007 is back.

James Bond – Quantum of Solace – and it has me wondering about penis size, phallic identification, self-esteem and homophobia – given that Prop 8 passed in California.

Oh, I left out football or sports in general. What is it with guys, aggression and penis size. The term “penis envy,” as Freud envisioned it relates to the female of the species unconsciously longing for one of her own.

Huge-penis-envyI don’t think Freud ever hung out (no pun intended) in a locker room or worked with a bunch of blue collar studs where the penis jokes and references are part of the daily trash talk.

I’m planning on seeing 007 in action this Friday, I like Daniel Craig as James Bond – even better than Sean Connery. I didn’t think anyone would replace Sean Connery in my mind as 007, but Craig’s edgier, more explosive Bond seems to have that extra dose of testosterone needed to tip the scales.

I like what Ken Wilbur says about testosterone – I don’t mean to be crude, but it appears that testosterone basically has two, and only two major drives: fuck it or kill it.

How’s it hanging?

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