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pax-nidorf-dot-comI have always been more than curious about the concept of “creating the life I want.” The whole notion of “terraforming” my life so I can healthy, happy, wise, have the perfect mate and the perfect job seems a little – well, narcissistic to me.

I have known hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the course of my life that have said to me things like: I know I am going to be successful at….; I know I am going to find the perfect job; I know he/she is my soul mate.

More often than not, they did not succeed at what they were involved in, the job wasn’t as perfect as they hoped and either they or their soul mate moved on to the next soul mate.

On several occasions, I had the temerity to question their certainty. The usual response was that I was being negative. I didn’t feel negative, but I was curious as to why they had to be so positive, so certain. If chanting – “I am rich” –  is the easy way to riches, then why aren’t their more miracle poverty cures? Why is there an endless stream of self-help books and extreme makeover courses for “the life I was always meant to have?”

What’s wrong with this life? Who is it that has a problem with my financial status, relationship status, or happiness index? Is there a “cure” for this life? Will a new coat of paint and a new roof address the dry rot and termite problem?

Maybe the more productive course of action would be to look into the root of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with this life instead of immediately expending time and energy in running away from it. Exploring our misery doesn’t make us miserable – we’re already miserable. It’s tragic to see so many people running away from themselves toward some fantasy they believe will make them more content and happy. I think at least 67.8% of the people in the U.S. believe that winning the lottery will cure the curse of this life.

Whether circumstances change or not, there is no cure for this life. Life is simply life – how we experience the experience of our life is what changes. As my buddy Jim says – we are prisoners of our belief system.

The way out is through – bringing into consciousness the unconscious material that forms our worldview and belief system. Endlessly repeating an affirmation will not free us from unconscious beliefs.

The holiday season always seems to give me just a little more time for reflecting on the blessings of this life. Regardless of my present set of circumstances, this life is a wonder – and it remains that way whether I am sad, unhappy, poor or rich.

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