Some Thoughts on “The Moment”

We know reification is at work when we think of it as this moment or the next moment. The moment is actually out of time.

momentTime is rushing at us

From everywhere

From all directions

From inside and outside

From the past and future

Physical time

Emotional time

Psychological time

It’s absolutely



All of time

Fits into the



The Inner Heart

When heart touches earth,

it also whispers upon the wind,

engulfs the sea,

and hears itself in every breast

How is it possible

to breathe in all of this beauty

and empty oneself

into the moment?




sleeping momentIs the gift of God

Don’t waste it on escaping this world

Or flee there in boredom or despair

Sleep for the sake of the soul

Refresh yourself for tonight’s dancing and revelry

A rested body and mind

Is a great gift to throw into Nothingness


Lay your body in the lap of the Beloved

Deep sighs of the burden surrendered

True support, the Divine Current

Lay your head against the Beloved’s bosom

Sighs of relief from separation

Acceptance, the disappearing into Transparency

Touch your heart-cheek to the Beloved’s

Sweet melting sighs of ecstatic release

The rich Perfume of The Beloved’s neck

Is what you are


Oh come, you

Who work and struggle

Who suffer and wander

Who are weary and worn

Rest for the sake of the soul

Lay you heads and bodies down

Lay your heart-cheeks upon His mercy

Rest for the sake of the soul


One moment

In Absolute sleep







There IS

A point

At the center of me

That IS

Not of this world

All moments

Within and without

Intersect here

All directions

Lead to it

It is not even

A nanosecond’s width

In space-time-existence

It connects all moments

And threads of time

Reducing all time-maps

To nothingness

It is the non-function

Birthing the Golden Mean

Resolving all mathematics

Into null

It is the priorness

The no-place

Of the emergent bubble

It is not here nor there

But everywhere

It cannot be found or located

But is the core

Of the Everything

It is the utter calm

The completely still

To say

It is this or that

Is a deception

It does not exist

But is the ground

That gathers every

Present moment

Into nowhere

It is the Not-Now

Of timelessness

It is the ground of NOT


And the soul

Longs for its

Intimate kiss




moment in timeTime

Has a way

Of complicating life


Is the key

Of how

To make life

Very clear and simple


The moment