The Miraculous: more magical than Harry Potter

magic-realizationHuman beings seem to have a love and fascination for the magical and miraculous. Look at how many books, TV shows and films have themes of magic and miracles: from Harry Potter to Merlin to Gandalf to Dr. Strange; from Excalibur and Bewitched  to Jumanji and Hocus Pocus. Magic pervades our stories. Even lottery ticket sales reflect a certain amount of magical thinking.

In comparison to fancy thoughts of magic and miracles, daily life may seem a bit too ordinary, even boring. A little magic or a now and then miracle would certainly help to spice up the ordinary. And yet, when we look more closely at what science is revealing about the universe, the subatomic world, the human brain and the potential for technological and biological evolution – well, it all seem spectacularly magical and miraculous.

Recently, I attended a retreat with A.H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization. The theme of the retreat was The Magic of Realization. In his talks, Almaas addressed how we lose sight of the magic in everyday life, how the mind orients toward magic like everything else – externally and as a means to control external events; and how ordinary life from the perspective of deep realization is astoundingly magical and miraculous. By seeing the magic in everyday life, we can be continually inspired by our personal experience.