Self-rejectionWhat’s the root of self-rejection?

Some will say lack of self-worth; others projection; others self-hate.

Self-rejection is a function of the mind

The mind is the gate that opens or closes, thereby allowing or preventing direct experience. Any action of the mind that blocks direct experience is self-rejecting; conversely, any action of the mind that allows direct experience is self-accepting. – John Ruskan

Any serious exploration of self-rejection needs to include:

  • An exploration into the “self” being rejected as well as an open-ended inquiry into the whole notion of self.
  • An exploration into the ego’s fundamental dynamic of rejection. Rejection is at the core of all ego activity.

This of course can lead to a real eye-opener around the notion of personal choice.

Every internal action involves some kind of rejection of our present state, our actual reality. And there is a deeper consequence to this attitude of rejection: By rejecting what is so for us in the present moment, we are rejecting ourselves. – A.H. Almaas

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