Ego Mind Functions in Cause and Effect

quantum_soulWhen it comes to life, the ego mind has ideas. Many of us spend most of our lives trying to get a life, we’re constantly busy trying to put it all together. Ego mind, functioning from the past, is always trying to add things up to get the perfect life:

1+ 3 + 1 + 2 +5 + 9 =

My Perfect Life

And what are the components? Money? Attention? Love? Celebrity? Good Job?

This mental orientation to an ego ideal (which includes our spiritual ideal) helps to sell a lot of books. Books like The Secret, The Science of Getting Rich, in fact, the whole self-help field works this ego mind thread. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see this as a bad thing or a wrong thing – it is simply the way this mind functions.

On the other hand, we have the quantum physics of the soul which can be reflected as 0 or 1 – depending on how true nature is orienting it in the moment.

The soul isn’t trying to get a life, it is life. Developing the ability and capacity to reside in the nature of the soul – presence – means we are the life. There is no life to get, no formula needed for fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction, completeness, and meaning.

Life unfolds in an organic way – with it’s challenges and pimples. It’s all good, it’s all you, it’s life happening – it’s a wonder!

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