Self-esteemThey live among us and seem to be breeding faster than a warren of rabbits on amphetamines. Chip, chip, chip…

They spend their days whittling others down. They are the belittlers, the whittlers of others’ self-esteem. Whether their actions are conscious or unconscious, these distorted souls often display a self-righteous attitude to justify their violence.

How do we handle judgmental, critical people who seem stuck in a pattern of behavior so narrow that relating to others is reduced to an endless stream of put-downs and objections?

We could handle it the way another mindless group of ignoramuses always offers up as a solution to complex issues – “Nuke ‘em all and let God sort it out.”

We could try reasoning with the assassins of self-esteem, but this type of ingrained behavior is usually indicative of minds too shallow to reflect on the possibility of personal improvement opportunities on their end.

The only course of action that holds any hope is for victims of character violence to explore the depths of their own psyche to ferret out the unconscious material that gets hooked by personal attacks from others.

The focus is the dignity of the soul, the nobility of being, the preciousness of life.