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Inquiry & Love – A Diamond Approach Dialectic on the Journey of Ascent

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Head, Heart and the Process of Understanding The prompting to pen this came from a recent question posted on Facebook: Does the Diamond Approach’s focus on psychology and the issues of the personality feel overly-emphasized? This led to thoughts along tangential threads of discussion – Is the Diamond Approach too head oriented? Does the Diamond…

The Abandoned Meditator


Does Meditation Need Me?  Is your day ever like this? I wake up. Lie in bed a bit. Sense, Look and Listen.I get out of bed, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, put some water on hair and comb, splash some water on face…Now it’s time to meditate. I go to the meditation chair and…

Continual Practice

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 Going Nowhere Meditation One gift of continual practice is that stopping and starting, beginning and ending our practice is no longer relevant. All practice involves awareness and presence.  As we know, these aspects of True Nature are fundamental to experience. Attending to and cultivating awareness and presence is practice. What difference does it make if we…