It really is – ALL ABOUT YOU – just not in the way we usually like to think of it. If you are interested in exploring the obvious, please get in touch.

Once in a while in our lives we get sidetracked, mind blocked, and spun around with life events. Dizzy from all the choices we have and seem to not be able to make we search for answers, the obvious solutions, but we can’t seem to find them in the day-to-day murky chaos of life. I had the opportunity to sit down one day with John in a quiet nook, in an eclectic restaurant and ponder why things were not going for me the way they should. After all I told John, I’m fairly intelligent, street smart and a professional woman. Why was the big brass ring of life eluding me? John patiently listened, then asked sensitive questions that made me wiggle in my seat; then John guided me through an exploration of the obvious. Yes he gave me an Awe-Ha moment, rare these days; and he gave me a clear focused pivot point for change.

John has a rare talent for facilitating change. He is honest, straight forward and he doesn’t hesitate to shake up your old perspectives by pointing out the obvious solution. No spin, no gentle coaxing, just plain obvious solutions.

Linda A. Strasburg

Author, Radio Show Talk Host, Corporate Trainer & Lecturer

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