Monthly archives: November, 2011

The Narcissistic Wound

The Price We Pay for Collusion – Narcissistic Wounding The normal course of life is like this: A wart grows on your nose and becomes so big that you finally can’t hide it from yourself or others. So you pretend to be someone else. And people, for one reason or another, quit mentioning the wart….

Gratitude & Abundance

Everywhere & Everything Everywhere I look abundance and every moment gratitude. There is nowhere to go and nothing needed. One way I see our situation is that creation or the universe is like a tree. Love is the flowers of the tree, and the human being is the final fruit of the tree, the final…

Disappearing Yard Sale

God’s having a yard-sale With my life   Everything’s been drug into the Wide-Open He’s turned the whole house inside out Even the walls are for sale   We were going to ask pennies on the dollar But wanted better bargains We’re asking for laughter instead   I put out all the images of my…