Monthly archives: December, 2010

The Futility of Filling Holes

Bottomless Holes Cannot be Filled – the Deficiency is the Identity In Diamond Heart Book 1 – Elements of the Real in Man, A. H. Almaas elucidates his Theory of Holes. According to Almaas these psychological or spiritual “holes” are “disconnections” from Being which result in a sense of deficiency, lacking, emptiness, hollowness, inadequacy, etc….

Here to There to Here

Ego Mind & Here to There One of the underpinnings of ego mind is its orientation toward here and there. That mind is always thinking in terms of from here to there, past to future, renovation, change, growth – and this crazy idea that it can actually create, control, or choose the experience. “Which road…

Love is More a Taste or a Flavor

The Mind will Never Figure Love Out I shared this poem with a couple of friends at the recent Diamond Approach Teacher’s Training. Prakash asked that I post it, so here it is. As for the title, the poem starts as a question, perspective and understanding follow, and it ends in surprise ?  .  !…