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Tantra and Love and Tantra and Karma

Love is more a taste or a flavor, Making our lives something to savor Items of Interest Links of Interest Devastation – Ruin of the Heart

When Manners and Consideration Collide

Ladies, I Need Your Advice I had to pee – and once again faced the question I always face when an establishment has but one restroom for both sexes – Do I leave the seat up or not? Now this may not be a dilemma to many, but to me it continues to be an…

Holy Perfection Thoughts

Thoughts & Phrases from Holy Perfection I attended part of the weekend on Holy Perfection. Here are some phrases I overheard and my thoughts. The Missing Dimension: Most don’t realize it is missing from their experience Most would say their experience already includes it Many believe if it’s missing, they can/can’t find it Most are…