Monthly archives: September, 2008

Platonic Forms – Platonic Love

What did Plato refer to when he used the word “form”? Reality. If Plato is right, we are not entitled to think of reality in the conventional commonsense way, that is, to assume that that which is sensible is most real. That which really exists is to be apprehended only through thinking–by constructing and testing…

What Do You Do, When You Do What You Do

You’ve heard of chaos theory? When a butterfly flaps it’s wings in the Caribbean Islands, does it affect us here in California? When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound. If a man makes a decision while his wife is not around, is he still wrong?…

Belittling Whittling

They live among us and seem to be breeding faster than a warren of rabbits on amphetamines. Chip, chip, chip… They spend their days whittling others down. They are the belittlers, the whittlers of others’ self-esteem. Whether their actions are conscious or unconscious, these distorted souls often display a self-righteous attitude to justify their violence….