Monthly archives: August, 2007

Self-Centeredness vs. Selfishness

Many spiritual teachings pick on the instincts equating them with temptation and “the Devil’s work.” The instincts are seen as antithetical to spiritual development and enlightenment. In non-dual awareness, one sees how everything is part of presence, a unity. Self-centeredness, inherent in the ego, is oriented around me first and what’s in it for me….

Pythagoras’ Music

Pythagoras’ discovery of the arithmetical basis of the musical intervals was not just the beginning of musical theory; it was the beginning of science. For the first time, man discovered that universal truths could be explained through systematic investigation and the use of symbols such as mathematics. Once that window was opened, the light spread…

Centering – Bushido

By its structure Omega, in its ultimate principle, can only be a distinct Center radiating at the core of a system of centers; a grouping in which the personalization of the All and personalizations of the elements reach their maximum, simultaneously and without merging, under the influence of a supremely autonomous focus of union. –…