Monthly archives: April, 2007

Your Body, Your Soul

With freedom of expression running rampant, in large part due to the Internet, I wonder about evolution and devolution of consciousness. A person at home in their own skin seems a rarity these days. The body is used and seen as more of a commodity than an organism of consciousness. Many will think it strange…


Communion Hot humid night a ripened lover engorged silky fluidity black velvet skin divine pheromones fatal attraction an immediacy consciousness winking at annihilation between heaven’s trembling thighs emptiness and fullness luminous dewy nectar glistening black pearls scintillating pink tongue innocent intimate taste ecstasy The night devouring its lover


Night Came silently into my house Illuminating dark spaces The hidden, the forgotten, the not-known Night Put the mind to rest And bedded the heart In the still-point of rapture   Night Kisses my face Until I am no more Than it