The Perfume of Being


From doing to being meditation If anyone wants to know what “spirit” is, or what “God’s fragrance” means, lean your head toward him or her. Keep your face there close. Like this.                                              Rumi   This morning on the treadmill, I was listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast with meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg. Tim…

Magic that Liberates

The Miraculous: more magical than Harry Potter Human beings seem to have a love and fascination for the magical and miraculous. Look at how many books, TV shows and films have themes of magic and miracles: from Harry Potter to Merlin to Gandalf to Dr. Strange; from Excalibur and Bewitched  to Jumanji and Hocus Pocus….

Resurrection: Ertugrul – Dirilis Ertugrul

Turkish TV series has me Googling like crazy I don’t know how I happened upon Resurrection: Ertugrul on Netflix, call it luck or grace, but it really captured my attention – 170 episodes viewed in a couple of months – maybe even 6 weeks. I’m sure it’s not for everyone and fewer still will watch 170…